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SMTP Authentication with Microsoft Office 365

Alteryx does not currently have to email tool that is configurable to use SMTP Authentication for Microsoft Office 365 or any server requiring authentication.  Our office printer can authenticate over SMTP and with TLS enabled why not my Alteryx mail tool - 'mic drop!'


Further explained, Alteryx is a tool that needs to live within abide by the policies and security standards in the organization not vice versa.  Therefore, it shouldn't be a big surprise, or a big ask for that matter, that a mail client should have the ability to authenticate prior to sending email of SMTP.   I'm very surprised this tool is so arcane.  Please implement quickly.  Thank you

7 - Meteor


9 - Comet

+1 just realised my smtp will reject if I'm trying to work from home 😄

5 - Atom


5 - Atom

+1 gmail marks my emails as spam because there is no authentication.

13 - Pulsar

I second this capability...

Status changed to: Under Review
11 - Bolide
6 - Meteoroid

I also strongly demand gmail integration ASAP

10 - Fireball

Absolutely, the email tool is completely useless without authentication. Using servers that don't require authentication just gets all my emails flagged as spam (not surprising).


Now I have to figure out a workaround where I write my own email software and push data to it from the run command. Huge time waste for something that should be drag and drop.

6 - Meteoroid

 I second this idea, we've had two customers that have requested this functionality to be built into the workflows that we're building.