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SFTP with Private Key Authentication

Please could you enhance the Alteryx download tool to support SFTP connections with Private Key authentication as well.  This is not currently supported and all of our SFTP use cases use PK.

10 - Fireball
@trebone The only time I have seen that happen is because there was a proxy server in between the installation and our registration/licensing server. The version will be an issue for 1 of the tools as it uses the Python SDK, but the sFTP tool is dll based and should work with that version. I will message you directly regarding the installation.
7 - Meteor

I need this too

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your post!


Our product team is currently reviewing the technical requirements and feasibility of supporting SFTP connections through the download tool. Once we have a definitive answer on how and if or when we could include this in the product we'll update this idea again accordingly. Please note this research can take some time due to various development constrictions but we will do our best to insure a timely response.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

This idea is being updated to Revisit at this time. While we do have plans to review and update the Download tool in the future, these updates are not on the near future roadmap. We'll update this idea again once our Product team is able to re-evaluate the idea and place it on the near future roadmap.

7 - Meteor



Wanted to add my 2 cents- it would be beneficial to me and my company to have the download tool to support SFTP connections with Private Key authentication.  This would allow me to automate a workflow creating and sending files to several recipients instead of having to create the files using alteryx and manually connect to an sftp to deliver the files.  




7 - Meteor


8 - Asteroid

Hi @jwalder 

I have today downloaded the teknion toolkit and have been trying to configure the sFTP RSA tool to connect and download files from an FTP site, however i am having difficulties getting it to work and i am not sure how it should be configured. I wondered if you have some info which could help me get it configured? Any help much appreciated


10 - Fireball

@NatSnook I also replied on the independent thread you started.



15 - Aurora

This is a must have native feature