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SFTP feature in Download Tool

Just learnt today that Download Tool doesn't support uploading to a SFTP server. This feature is pretty critical and essential for many use in the Enterprise world. Is this something we can expect in next release?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Hi All,


Thanks for all of the comments and requests on this feature. 


In order to provide the best functionality, we'd like to better understand the uses cases for uploading to SFTP. What types of files are you uploading? How often are you uploading? How big are the files that you're uploading? etc.


Any details that can be provided are greatly appreciated. 




7 - Meteor

@AlexP, for our organization it's CSV files that are being uploaded on a daily or monthly basis. Files sizes tend to be 5 megabytes or less. I'm sure other organizations are sending larger files though...

5 - Atom

Currently: XML inbound and CSV outbound, several times daily. Filesize ranges from 5k to 500k, averaging 150k.



We have other use cases we could build with this capability.


9 - Comet

Several types of behaviour are used in our company. Daily/Weekly/Monthly download, from x000 to x000000 records in a file. CSV, TXT, EXCEL, ZIP

8 - Asteroid

Throwing in my two cents on this topic:


My company receives the same sorts of files but I'd add PGP into the list as well. I could also see this feature being added to a more robust scheduler where a job is defined which would consist of one or more of:

- Download some file inputs

- Decrypt/unzip files

- Run one or more Alteryx modules in sequence

- Encrypt/zip some outputs

- Directory cleanup

- Upload outputs


This would also allow for failure conditions in the file retrieval/post/preparation process to be more easily isolated from failures within the Alteryx modules. Were this functionality made available in the download tool I would probably still opt to use our current 3rd party scheduler to retain this sort of job process control. If it was rolled into the Alteryx scheduler I'd happily switch over to use that.

7 - Meteor

We mainly upload csv and zip files, nothing larger than 500mb, and mostly under 10mb, hope this helps.

Glad to see that Alteryx is working on this :)

7 - Meteor

Daily, weekly, monthly frequency would be required for my company. File format, txt, CSV, excel, PDF, XML. File size, should not have a limitation.

9 - Comet

Any news on this feature?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

 Hi All,


Thanks for all of the feedback! We are currently planning to have SFTP support in the Download tool completed for 10.5. 




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Coming Soon