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Run only selected tools

This functionality would allow the user to select (through a highlight box, or ctrl+click), only the tools in a workflow they would want to run, and the tools that are not selected would be skipped. The idea is similar to the new "add selected tools to a new tool container", but it would run them instead. 


I know the conventional wisdom it to either put everything you don't want run into a tool container and disable it, or to just copy/paste the tools you want run into a blank workflow. However, for very large workflows, it is very time consuming to disable a dozen or more containers, only to re-enable them shortly afterwards, especially if those containers have to be created to isolate the tools that need to be run. Overall, this would be a quality of life improvement that could save the user some time, especially with large or cumbersome workflows.

8 - Asteroid

Great idea! I've used RapidMiner before Alteryx and they have a very similar implementation.


If you select some tools, either by ctrl+click or dragging over an area containing tools, then you can use a context menu to enable or disable the tools. They are greyed out when disabled. It works really well and I'd love to see this in Alteryx.


new process – RapidMiner Studio Free 7.4.000 @ ICG00331.jpg

7 - Meteor

Great idea!


SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) also has this feature to execute only a part of the whole workflow. It's efficient for testing or data validation purposes.

5 - Atom

If this is already an option please refrain from laughing as i am new! Anyway.... Can you add an option  that will allow you to select a cluster of tools and run only what is selected? Basically select only the tools you want to test and then run those selected tools? 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey @jacobnye


Not a bad question at all - in fact this is a very common request - with many variants of this in the Ideas history.

One version of this is already marked as "on the roadmap" - it's worth you adding your support (star) and commentary to that thread:



7 - Meteor

+1 I would very much like to have tool-level options to "disable tool" as well as the option to select a group of tools and disable/enable them as a group.

7 - Meteor

This would be VERY useful

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your feedback and idea!


This feature is a request we've received several times, and we're interested in including it into the product. However, due to the several factors we need time to research how or if we'd be able to include this into the product as it is today. While we conduct this research I'm updating this idea into Under Review. We'll be sure to update this idea again once we have a better understanding on what the development requirements for this feature are and how, when and if we can include it into the product.


Thank you for your patience while we look into this!

7 - Meteor

This is great to hear! Thank you @KylieF for the update!

6 - Meteoroid

Strogly recommend this fnctionality !!!!