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Run iterative macros in a debug mode

Thanks you to @JoeM for recent training on macros, and @NicoleJohnson for pointing out some of the challenges.


when writing an iterative macro - it is a little bit difficult to debug because when you run this in designer mode, it only does one iteration and stops.

Could we add the capability to the designer itself to be able to run the second and third iteration using the test data built into the macro input tool?   Even something as simple as an option to run X iterations; or when it's run the first iteration allow me to look at what happened and trigger iteration 2 (or to trigger a run-through to completion) would be immensely helpful.


While you can do this with a test-flow wrapped around a macro, macro development is a bit of a black box because Alteryx doesn't natively have the ability to step into a macro during run-time and pause it to see what's happening on iteration 1 or 2 or n and why it's not terminating etc.   So putting the ability to run in a debug mode would be HUGELY helpful.


 Working on an iterative macro right now and this would be extremely helpful. It's throwing an error and I can't see what's causing it since it's on the second iteration.


@jroot - I have had exactly the same experience.

One thing you can do is to use message tools throughout, to see what's going on - but it is like trying to debug a black box...


This would be an immensely helpful addition

Same here, I actually have to use a filter and change the Engine.IterationNumber to 1, 2, etc to see what fails and when... but it was so much easier in Excel VBA, where you could just press F8 and keep cycling through the runs to see what happened at each step along the way...