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Run both E1 and AMP in parallel

As we begin to adopt the AMP engine - one of the key questions in every user's mind will be "How do I know I'm going to get the same outcome"

One of the easiest ways to build confidence in AMP - and also to get some examples back to Alteryx where there are differences is to allow users to run both in parallel and compare the differences - and then have an easy process that allows users to submit issues to the team.


For example:

  • Instead of the option being run in AMP or run in E1 - instead can we have a 3rd option called "Run in comparison mode"
  • This runs the process in both AMP and E1; and checks for differences and points them out to the user in a differences repot that comes up after the run.
  • Where there's a difference that seems like a bug (not just a sorting difference but something more material) - the user then has a button that they can use to "Submit to Alteryx for further investigation".    This will make it much simpler for Alteryx to identify any new issues; and much simpler for users to report these issues (meaning that more people will be likely to do it since it's easier).


The benefit of this is that not only will it make users more comfortable with AMP (since they will see that in most cases there are no difference); it will also give them training on the differences in AMP vs. E1 to make the transition easier; and finally where there are real differences - this will make the process of getting this critical info to Alteryx much easier and more streamlined since the "Submit to Alteryx" process can capture all the info that Alteryx need like your machine; version number etc; and do this automatically without taxing the user.





Thanks Sean, 

This is a great idea. It would involve changes in multiple areas, so we can start the conversation internally and get it added to Roadmaps. 

I cannot comment on any potential timing until we have some discussions. 


Thank you for using AMP Engine and thank you for always thinking of how we can make things easier for our users. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes
Status changed to: Implemented

Thanks to our Engine superstar team, there is now an Engines Parity tool available from 2022.3 version for download from Community Gallery that will allow you to run multiple workflows from a directory with both Engines in parallel and compare them! This should help our customers more easily identify any differences and gaps so they can confidently transition workflows to the AMP engine when/where it makes sense to do so. Hope this helps users explore their AMP options with more ease & clarity!


Example of comparison results: