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Run and Cache Workflow.

Hello Team,


When we do run and cache workflow it remain in the cache memory for only the time the Alteryx designer or that workflow is open.


Advantage: We dont need to wait for the data to load in input data tool and the result is validated properly.


Disadvantage: Loss of time and money when the Alteryx Designer is closed automatically or mistaken.




Can we provide a token Expiry for 12 to 24 hrs so the precious time and money is not wasted.

This will be very useful when we are working on billions of Data.

15 - Aurora

Hi @rohit782192 

I think this is an excellent idea. Just a bit of context for how the cache and run workflow functionality works:

This blog explains it perfectly, but effectively a yxdb file is dropped out at the point of caching. This is saved to the temp directory, which is stored within ram. This explains why the data can be imported so quickly. One limitation of this is that the temp directory will be cleared in the case of a shutdown of the machine, or closing of Alteryx Designer.

I would recommend, as a manual solution, for now, creating an export of the data using a manual yxdb file to a location on your drive. This typically will not import as quickly as the cached data from the temp directory, as that is stored within RAM, however it may provide the functionality you require.


As an extension of the idea - it would be cool if caching the workflow could allow for this location to be set (either a temp directory or a location on the drive).


10 - Fireball
I echo with @TheOC
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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10 - Fireball

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