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Run Selected Containers In Specified Order

I have 5 containers in my workflow that don't all need to be run every time. I could play the game of manually enabling and disabling them depending on the need that day, but that quickly becomes a hassle with larger workflows. It would be much more efficient to have a functionality somewhere that displays all my containers with a checkbox of which ones I want run and the ability to set the run order I specify so I can make sure my 'Data Pull' container always runs first. An option to select/deselect all containers would be nice to, and maybe the ability to rename my containers much like the select tool does for fields. 


Run Selected Containers.PNG

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @kklc24, thanks for your feedback! This idea will be reviewed and commented on by Alteryx when the necessary criteria are met. In the meantime, have you considered turning this into a chained app? That might be a more streamlined way to run the containers, rather than manually enabling and disabling the containers in the workflow each time. Also, can you elaborate on your suggestion for the ability to rename containers? This functionality already exists in Designer - in the tool configuration window, and also by clicking the name in the box itself.


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