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Right Click -> Convert Output to Input

Hi Everyone,


Many workflows I work with along with those of my colleagues, use big databases in order to get some data. After a few steps down stream and testing, we normally just add an output and then open up that data in a new workflow to save time running the original workflow. Not that this is much of a burden, but I am used to copying and pasting tools from workflow A to workflow B, but you can't do that with the output, because in workflow B the output needs to be converted to an input. I just think it would be a cool added feature if possible. Anyone else agree?


Thank you,





Great Idea! This would be very practical and definitely helpful in my workflows. 


 Such a wonderful idea. I wish things worked that easy. Alteryx hire him


+1. My organization is heavily file-based and if I haven't just added the output (so the file is in the recent list of files for the Input tool drop-down) then having to navigate to the right folder on the Input tool is time consuming. This is a shortcut that I'd use multiple times every day.