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Render Tool - Output Multiple Tabs to One Excel

I would like to see the same functionalitly that the Output Tool has in the Render tool.  In the Output Tool, you can specify the Excel Worksheet along with the Sheet Name that you want to output too.  Meaning Same Worksheet, different tab:

     C:Output FilesExample_Worksheet.xlsx|Report_1
     C:Output FilesExample_Worksheet.xlsx|Report_2

This functionality is not currently available in the Render Tool and would be very useful and cut out some manual operations on the back end that requires us to copy/paste from one file to another.

I tried using the Section Break technique that was offered as a suggestion, but it did not perform what I needed.

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@chris_cleckner, thanks a lot! That was super helpful!!!

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Hi @




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I've started using Alteryx this year, and I love the functionality. But I've been spending most of my time with formatting more than I want. For my current project, I need to format the Excel headers, so I need the render function. However, I can't use the render function, because I am adding it to an existing sheet and have different formats for each tab. It seems like this is a old post. But if anyone has a work around, please message me. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review