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Render Tool - Output Multiple Tabs to One Excel

I would like to see the same functionalitly that the Output Tool has in the Render tool.  In the Output Tool, you can specify the Excel Worksheet along with the Sheet Name that you want to output too.  Meaning Same Worksheet, different tab:

     C:Output FilesExample_Worksheet.xlsx|Report_1
     C:Output FilesExample_Worksheet.xlsx|Report_2

This functionality is not currently available in the Render Tool and would be very useful and cut out some manual operations on the back end that requires us to copy/paste from one file to another.

I tried using the Section Break technique that was offered as a suggestion, but it did not perform what I needed.

You can actually do this by using the layout tool just before the render tool.  Typically what I do is after each of the reports in the workflow, I'll insert a Formula tool and create a field called "grouping" and label the report what I'd like to see each tab labeled.  Then, Union together all of the reports that you would like to see in the same workbook.  After the Union, insert a Layout tool and select "Each Group of Records" as your layout mode, check the box next to your new "grouping" column in the group by section, select "Verticle with Section Breaks" as your orientation, and then select your newly created "grouping" field as your Section name.  Insert a Render tool after the Layout tool and you're done.



This is so helpful!  I've been trying to figure this out all morning..Thanks!


Hi, can you help me figure out how to order the tabs in this output? It appears to be setting them up alphabetically, even though the order of the data is not alphabetic. Suggestions? Thanks!

@fdenger - if you post your question as a new thread on the Discussions board instead of the Ideas board, I can help you out, I believe I have a solution. Smiley Happy Thanks!




The solution from chris_cleckner worked for me. Thank you!
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Grouping can only be applied if you are using the same input for all objects (tables etc.), not if you combine layouts, images, tables, all coming from different sources.


And there seems to be no alphabetical sorting of objects based on their Section Name now (in the settings).


BUT another way to pre-define the order of tabs in output excel (especially if you are combining those multiple sources) is to use select after each object and rename them from default (e.g. "Table"). So at the end you may have multiple objects (named 01_Table, 02_Table, 03_Layout, 04_Image etc.) which you union by specific order (your desired one) and followed by that Layout where you define the section breaks and section names. 



When they are in their default naming and you may have four objects named Table, they are sorted somehow random (at least to me).






 * I just realized this post is in ideas, feel free to move to the right topic and delete this note *



I would like to be able to render to multiple excel sheets in the same file that have different sizes.  That still cannot be done in Alteryx render.


Hi all, I am using reporting tools (table, layout, render) to create an excel report with multiple worksheets.

My problem is that I have to set up one page size for all worksheets when using render tool.

One of my worksheets has 2 columns of data and the other one has 50 columns.

When I set the size to fit all 50 columns it is much too wide for the sheet with 2 coulmns, as table width adjusts to page width.


Does anyone found workaround for it?

Unfortunately solution posted below doesn't work:



How to set multiple page sizes in one excel report?

Or how to prevent Alteryx from stretching the tables into the whole page?

Or is there a possibility to create formatted excel report using other than render tool?