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Redesign multi-field and multi-row tools

In Alteryx 11 the formula tool got redesigned but multi-field and multi-row tools have been left as it. It would be nice to have formula autocomplete and other new features in these tools as well.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Completely agree. I'm hoping the only reason it hasn't made it through was to further test and implement the autocomplete in the normal formula first. This is  something that should make it to every place a formula gets edited (places like dynamic rename by formula, generate lines tool, InDB tools etc.)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I totally agree! The new Formula has some fantastic improvements, like autocomplete, that I miss when I use Filter, Multi-Row Formula, and Multi-Field Formula. We implemented the new changes in just the Formula tool initially, because it's the most popular of the tools with expression editors. We'll be working on redesigning and rebuilding the other tools with expression editors next, so we can use the new expression editor within those tools. 

5 - Atom

Is there any update on this? I was just working in the multi-row tool and was wishing for the auto-complete function like in the formula tool. Please!

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