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Record Limit -- Publish a warning/message to Results

The ability to limit the number of records (either on a specific input tool, or via the Workflow Properties) is super useful when developing a workflow...


...but how many times do you forget that a record limit was set and then spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to figure out why something isn't working properly? (I can't be the only person this has happened to...).


Wouldn't it be fantastic if a warning/message was shown in the workflow results (e.g. "Input Tool (n) has a record limit set"
or "Record Limits are set on the Workflow Properties")?

Alteryx Partner

I would also consider visually flagging the Input Data tools(s) as I don't always read the workflow results and in a big workflow the message could get lost.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Definitly agree with Bob's idea - please implement! It's not always obvious when moving from development to running full datasets


Very very good idea - this is a mandatory check before deployment of apps, and would be very helpful

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


Thanks for the idea. We'll consider this for a future release.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi AlexP,


Could you also consider having the warning/visual indicator to show when a Calgary Input has any Queries? We often use Calgary inputs so that we can restrict to a single instance (e.g. customer) for testing before running large workflows






I would support this strongly and add to this suggestion that it would help if the icon color would be grey or the icon flashes or whatever