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Read Tableau Extract Files

Right now we can create Tableau extract files (.tde), but cannot read them into Alteryx -- this limits the partnership of these two companies.
Please add the functionality to import .tde files,

Alteryx Partner

Tableau Extract are now in hyper...


I just noticed this thread, and it will be good if Tableau can open up its hyper/tde file for data to be read by other tools, like Alteryx.

Something like open sourcing alteryx's yxdb: will be good.


While this idea is around read data from Tableau, I had an idea on writing spatial data into Tableau, which I hope to get more support from the community. As a tableau user who is dealing with a lot of spatial data, I had an idea around "Support WKT as Spatial object + output spatial object in TDE (now Hyper) file directly"  ‎09-27-2017.  (FME can do this, as it have better understanding of Tableau's spatial data type. I guess the reason Alteryx is not supporting the functionality is due to the lack of support to Well Know Test. So I combined the two ideas into one.)


Link to the idea: 

It has 4 stars at the moment, hope it can be voted up.


Many thanks