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Read Tableau Extract Files

Right now we can create Tableau extract files (.tde), but cannot read them into Alteryx -- this limits the partnership of these two companies.
Please add the functionality to import .tde files,

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Partner Dependent

I second this idea, but I should point all to the Tableau API that already exists... If you know Java / C / C++ / Python, you are able to read in the file and update / recreate a TDE.


I am constantly dealing with big data that we are trying to represent in Tableau. When I output data into TDE for consumption, I have to create a second output in Alteryx that is consumable in order to avoid having to re-run giant aggregations. This takes up huge chunks of disc space, and would be immediately solved with the ability to use the TDE output files in Tableau.

Thanks a lot for the prompt response. I hope Tableau makes it possible soon. Is there an idea on the Tableau forum which I can vote on?

Hi Alteryx team, any status on this feature? With Tableau 10.1, there is a lot of API access available now. I am not sure whether you still have the API to read TDE files - can you please confirm as this would really be very useful. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

They have not opened up the ability to read TDE files.   We are still working closely with Tableau on integration points and will let you know if anything changes.   


Does the addtional integration possilbity include the option to try and link directly to a published data set on Tableau Server? I know you have the option for publishing data to server so I am curious why you can't read data from server. 


I'm surprised this is not part of Alteryx's core capability. Seems like it would be a no-brainer. Blaming the limitation on Tableau is a little weak, considering the partnership that already exists between the two companies. Alteryx should have pushed for this capability.


Hi there this would be game changing improvement.  While it is true that there are work arounds (writing to two places (tde & yxdb) it would be so much cleaner and efficient to be able to read the tde itself as input.  What can be done to get this one pushed forward and generally available?  Regards and thanks.

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Thanks for putting it up to vote on Tableau @michael_perillo . You have my vote for this one. I end up doing complicated pulls of cross tabs via .csv from Tableau to validate against the raw data. I would like to use it determine whether I can just append to the .tde (a capability with the publish to Tableau Server Macro)  or if I need to replace it.