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Rank Tool (New Tool)

The introduction fo a rank tool would be hugely beneficial. Whilst there are currently means to rank using a combination of other tools formula/running total/multirow etc... a specific "Rank Tool" would be provide a seemless and smoother way to rank your data either for further analysis or purely to output this field.


This tool should include a sort by and group by functionaility as well as options for ranking (such as dense ranking or unique ranking) and in addition multi levels of ranking (ie. Rank by "Field A" Then By "Field B" etc...).

7 - Meteor

100% agree. Just came across a ranking issue in Tableau and thought ranking in Alteryx would've been a quick solution - especially when you are reverse ranking 4 different fields - but it isn't.


I've got to my solution eventually but having a tool that ranks the fields vertically and also allows reverse ranking option would massively help.



7 - Meteor

I fully agree, especially in the light of other less sophisticated programs, such as excel, which have already had this type of function for years.

5 - Atom

Hi Everyone, I might be missing the point here, but can the Running Total tool be used to rank data?


Appreciate your thoughts on this!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned
5 - Atom

Capture.JPGIt's really disappointing that this is now Not Planned. I can use a fairly easy Excel formula to rank given specific criteria. It takes about 6 tools to get a proper rank in Alteryx, and that doesn't include having to split sub-groups before ranking too.