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It's the most wonderful time of the year - Santalytics 2020 is here! This year, Santa's workshop needs the help of the Alteryx Community to help get back on track, so head over to the Group Hub for all the info to get started!

Python tool

Very nice to be able to extend Alteryx with R programs or CMD execution.  Please, please, please add a connection to Python!
Alteryx Partner

Here is a link to very nice infographic regarding R and Python comparison, guess all would like it...

12 - Quasar

I'd like a tool that let's me embed Python code like the R tool does R code. This would enable using Python packages out there for such things as machine learning, and other things.


This would also make integrating Python code a lot easier to do than the current Run Command tool.


For people who's language of choice is Python, this would be great.

5 - Atom

Very helpful session yesterday -- we would love to see better R integration into Alteryx, and innate Python integration! In the meantime, this command line tool looks great. More to come, I'm sure



For future sessions, please consider spending a greater portion of the time on advanced capabilities like this!!! One of the great pains of Alteryx (and any set of tools) is having to switch between tools to accomplish one task. This certainly looks like it will help

5 - Atom

Can we know that when Python will include in this alteryx ?


5 - Atom

My understanding is that Alteryx 11 has native python integration like R - though could be wrong

7 - Meteor

This is one hell of a long and dark road map.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

I know it's not what this thread is looking for, but there is some hope ahead, in that anyone on an MS SQL environment will soon be able to run native Python analysis at the data level without having to move data out of the database.


This is HUGE for us as an analytics community because it brings together the power of python for analysis with the incredible horsepower of the world's fastest database server (by TPCH) and eliminates the round-trip on the data which is often one of the most costly parts of this kind of work on large data sets.

Alteryx Partner

Great news for Microsoft SQL Server...


I guess adding native Python capability Alteryx will catapult the tool, positioning it way at leaders in

  • both Gartner's BI and
  • Gartner's Advanced Analytics Quadrants as well...
9 - Comet

Is there any update on this? Would love to have an easier way to use Python scripts in my workflows. In fact, not only for data processing but also for related tasks. Requesting, parsing and validating data from external sources (e.g. REST API) or validating data would be much easier in Python. (At least for me with some background in programming...)

Alteryx Partner

You can build your own python tool using the command line and the command parameter. Try giving it a shot. And yes, you will need to use the py2exe library to convert your python code into executables so you can run them through the command line in Alteryx. I challenge everyone on the power behind Alteryx's engine. 


Additionally, you can even create config files in json and create a configuration reader macro if your workflow requires it. Endless....