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Publish to Tableau Macro API Key> Change when it's pulled

The current version of the Publish to Tableau macro retrieves an API key at the start of the workflow run.  Often times the workflow may take several hours to run before it's ready to write to Tableau by which time the API may have expired.  (I think the default tableau server setting times out in 2 hrs)  It's one of those soul crushing "I should've forked the output!"

Sample Log Error - 

  •         Tool #46: TableauServer.UploadChunks (238): Iteration #1: Tool #19: Tool #4: Tableau Server API Request (Upload file) Error Code 401002: Unauthorized Access -- Invalid authentication credentials were provided. 
  •          Tool #46: Tool #252: Tool #4: Tableau Server API Request (Publish file) Error Code 401002: Unauthorized Access -- Invalid authentication credentials were provided.

The idea would be to change when the macro obtains the API from when the workflow is initiated to just before the workflow is ready to write to the Tableau avoiding these timeouts.


(If you're having this issue in the meantime you can have your Tableau server admin up the timeout)

7-9-2020 2-53-42 PM.png

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your feedback!


I've updated your labels to insure all the correct product teams have visibility into this idea. If you haven't yet please be sure to check out our Idea Submission Guidelines as they go over the boards in a bit better detail. 

6 - Meteoroid

Dear Alteryx,


I also support this idea.


Current "Publish To Tableau Server" workflow should be improved to authenticate or re-authenticate just before publishing to Tableau.

It is because in some large or complex extract, it may take hours for .hyper to be generated, resulting timeout when the tool is ready to publish to Tableau.

This has been an ongoing issue. 





5 - Atom

Alteryx Team, I completely support this idea as well. It is challenging when we have large workflows that take longer than the Tableau server-side timeout settings. it would make much more sense for the authentication to get validated when the workflow gets to that node.





5 - Atom

Agreed w/ Maurice's comments above.




5 - Atom

Also in agreement with Maurice's comments noted above.



8 - Asteroid

+1 with @mdressler . It has been challenging for me as well.

5 - Atom