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Progress Bar or Overall Process completion Percentage

If progress bar or overall process completion percentage can be displayed somewhere, adds great value for the users running complex processes (with multiple databases/ files as input and complex queries especially spatial queries).




Yes please!


And individual tool progress is way too hard to see in large workflows that are zoomed out. Case in point, where's Waldo:



I know from the browse window that Summarize 123 is complete, but where, exactly, is that in the workflow. How does it relate to overall workflow completion. Would be nice if it were more obvious, even if it's by tool count. That's vague, as some tools take longer than others, but it's better than what we've got now.


i.e. Summarize (200): 40642558 records were summarized to 12710 groups
could be
Summarize (200): 40642558 records were summarized to 12710 groups (15 of 28 tools finished)


A progress bar is an even better idea.



This would be very useful!


I agree this would be very beneficial, as well as the ability show the log text on the analytical app progress window.



The green bar going back and forth is not helpful.

Though it shows progress is being made to what extent unknown. 


Yes we definitely need this !