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Prefixes in Summarize tool

With the 2019.3 release the summarize tool now includes prefixes for grouped fields. While a nice addition, in application it makes using this data downstream (like joining to other tables) more involved because of needing to remove this prefix. 


It would be nice to have this as an option (a checkbox to add/remove prefixes maybe) or just revert back to pre-2019.3 behavior...thanks!


Agreed - given that you're grouping by this field, the natural behavior would be to keep the field as-is (as happens in SQL).


This does seem to be a feature that adds time to the process rather than streamlining it (refer to :


It seems to make more sense to revert to the previous behavior of this tool or make it optional.

I would also like to see this go back to the way to pre-2019.3 behavior. I never once renamed my pre-2019.3 column and added a prefix of "group by". Conversely, I have already several times taken the time to delete the "group by" in 2019.3 as I don't like that the column has been renamed. The default should by the pre-2019.3 behavior.

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I agree that this behaviour is annoying. Please be aware that you can remove the prefix of multiple of fields using the Select tool. Highlight all of the fields with the Group By prefix, click the Options menu, and go to the Remove Prefix option. It will save you some time.


Totally agree with Neil! Please add a check box or remove this funciton. 

Also thanks Kksieski for the idea of the remove process. The other is the dynamic rename.


Thank you for reporting this. This is a defect.


@JeremyL @Alice 


Thanks @JPoz - Defect captured and in our backlog.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

The fix for this will be included in the upcoming 2019.3 stable release. Thank you for posting about it.

Status changed to: Implemented

The 2019.3.5 Stable Update is now available for download and includes this fix. Thank you for reporting it.

Awesome, thanks for quickly fixing! 


@davidhenington It is fixed in the latest stable release.