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PowerPoint 16:9 Widescreen Output Options


I'm not finding it anywhere as a current option, but my company uses branded PowerPoint slides using our logo, these slides are in 16.:9 (widescreen) for slide size, but Alteryx won't output to that size even if I choose custom for page size & have Widescreen selected as an option. Could there be an Advanced Options button added that would allow users more output choices, like choosing the 16:9 ratio size output? Without it, I'm having to output the largest map I can create (13 x 9.75 in Report Map tool) and then stretch/shrink to get it to fit the 16:9 slide...for every single map/slide (currently making 40 maps at once).


Is there a work around to accomplish my goal currently? And if not, could the option be added to the Render tool? Thank you!

9 - Comet

I submitted this idea just about 3 years ago...I think you should change it from a "new idea" to an "ignored idea" maybe...

11 - Bolide

Just thought to tag @RithiS along with my comment. We're really hoping to see this functionality in the future, as the current Alteryx Render to PDF aspect ratio is outdated and not congruent with any of our current slide designs.

9 - Comet

Competitors when realizing Alteryx can't output to 16:9 ratio slides...


In all seriousness, I'm getting worried PowerPoint might do away with 4:3 ratio slides & thus Alteryx won't have a PowerPoint output anymore 😭

11 - Bolide

For what it's worth there is a site called which we have successfully implemented on our Gallery instance. It takes PDF and converts it PPTX. In almost all cases it works exactly as we want.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Rakuten Mobile, Japanese Telecom No1 customer wants this 16:9.

Please update!