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Please turn off the python tool 30s timeout by default

At the moment if a part of your python code takes more than 30s to run, Jupyter times out and Alteryx cancels the workflow. This makes the Python Tool unusable for anything intensive and the timeout should be removed by default or be configurable per workflow.


I've made this idea as none of the solutions in these threads feel satisfactory:

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5 - Atom

Is there anything new on this? I've tried the short term solution but unfortunately it's such short term that I have to do it almost every hour and restart the designer. Very annoying and makes it hard to make any progress in the flow when I have to run the data sources again each time. Another issue with the Python tool is Alteryx erasing the code from time to time, when the designer is restarted. Python itself is such a great tool, it is very disappointing to see it not performing as expected in Alteryx. Hopefully both of these issues will be fixed in the near future.