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Paste an Image from clipboard directly into comment tool...


When documentin alteryx screen I sometimes hit printscreen and need to paste important matters to Comment tool...

But there is no paste from clipboard 😞



I suggest adding a minor icon that enables not only reading from png but pasting a screen or other image copied directly from memory...


For I need the following setting so I printscreen and capture as is;


Join doc.png


Then put that into a PNG or JPG file using paint. And then prepare a comment box with that image in the background...




5 - Atom

This would be a great help! Yes please!


We are currently taking screenshots of the results pane or tool configuration for workflow documentation.


mages can be added to comments and the workflows turned into PDFs for handover or sign off. 


50 images on the canvas is super repetitive: screenshot > save as > add comment box > open file 

Alteryx Partner

If there would be a method for creating "animated gifs" while using Alteryx that would then become a great moving tutorial too. Best way to document something... 🙂


Thanks for the support...