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Pan and scroll while module is in process

Unless I'm missing the basics, I'm unable to scroll and pan during module runs.  I can zoom in and out, but not scroll or pan.
On large modules, I would love to be able to scroll to different areas to see progress/status of different key points in the process.
Guidance from the experts would be much appreciated!  Thanks!
You can use the overview window to pan while running.  Look in the view menu.
Thanks Ned!
Alteryx folks, any way to built scrolling functionality into the normal design window, in addition to the overview window?  I feel like it would be more intuitive.
Mike, if you have a mouse with the center rolling ball that also "clicks" when you press down (in between the left- and right-click buttons), you can use it to "pan" the workflow. Just click and hold the rolling ball, drag the workflow and release to set the view. At least it works on my mouse... hope it helps!

- Jarrod
Status changed to: Implemented

@jarrod is correct.


Additionally, you can move the mouse wheel to scroll up and down.


You can hold Shift and move the mouse wheel to scroll left and right.


You can hold the Ctrl key and and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


You can also click the scrollbars on the canvas while the workflow is running to move around the canvas.