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Output tool: Pre Create SQL statement in App

I would like to use the precreate statement as part of a app. That means if a user selects ID '12345' from an interface tool, I would like to delete recs in SQL server with that same ID through the pre create statement, then afterwards I would append new records with the same ID.
What I really miss is having the ability to send one Name & Value to an interface tool like label or readonly textbox.Then I could use Label/Textbox->Action->Output and change the precreate statement that way. 
I tried the formula way but SQL think I am running a stored procedure.
It looks like I need to use a listbox or dropdown tool and do it that way but that means I am cluttering my app with unnecessary tools. 
Could you give interface tools a 'hide' property or allow a field to be passed to the pre-Create SQL statement?
Unless there's another way to do all this? 


Can't you just set up your pre-SQL statement in your module with a dummy id (say 123456) then use an action on the input tool and update the PreSQL statement using "replace a specific string" to swap in your new id to delete?

Maybe I am missing part of your requirements though so let me know.

7 - Meteor
Hi Mr Chaos,

I hope I get what you are saying: are you referring to preSQL in input tool? Then yes I agree with you. However my dilemma is -  I would like to put an action on the preSQL in the output tool to delete recs before I append them. I believe this is currently not possible using an action tool. I ended up running a delete statement through dynamic input & detours which is upstream from output tool but that seems a little dirty. Also, Designer seems to be more forgiving than Server but I got it to work as an App. Either way, having the option to put an action on the preSQL statement in the output tool would make more sense.