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Output as XML


I have had a number of requests for Alteryx to provide XML as an output format. It would be great to have configuration settings to allow for just text based output:
<Row ID="18606" Order_Priority="Not Specified" Discount="0.01" Unit_Price="2.88" Shipping_Cost="0.5"/>

As well as well formatted output, like this:

8 - Asteroid

I hand crafted a macro that transform a flat csv or excel sheet into a 3 levels XML - but it is very restricted to the table structure of the input/output file (will be 3 levels) and not for general use.

8 - Asteroid

hey ZoeyL1GL, can you share your macro so I can see if I can apply to my workflow? I'm dealing with a similar situation that I need to convert csv/excel to xml to process on Workday.