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Output as XML


I have had a number of requests for Alteryx to provide XML as an output format. It would be great to have configuration settings to allow for just text based output:
<Row ID="18606" Order_Priority="Not Specified" Discount="0.01" Unit_Price="2.88" Shipping_Cost="0.5"/>

As well as well formatted output, like this:

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Scott,

Thanks for submitting this request. We are constantly adding new formats to the Input and Output tools, and are also taking steps to improve the XML Parser tool. We will add this request to our backlog. 

9 - Comet

This is a very good request, we shall be able to blend an xml schema (.xsd file) with a tabular output stream and get the final xml report.




9 - Comet

Hi @ScottL,


We made an "XML Output" macro to convert the tabular data into XML format.


Following is the link to download the macro:




Let me know if it helps you.







7 - Meteor

+1 for this (in the middle of working through issues of wanting to export XML and having to write out a CSV and renaming it).

8 - Asteroid



Formula 16 was set to 64, bumped up the value to 100






I have a need for this macro and it looks like it's going to work splendidly, one config issue I'm hoping to work through is the length of the lines.  Looks like it's set to a 64 character length.  Is there some place I can change the length to be longer?


Example:  Gender_Description looks great but Sexual_Orientation_Description truncates after 64 characters.




Both fields are V_WStrings.  These field names are set by the requesting party and cannot be modified.  


Thanks for any guidance!



8 - Asteroid

Hi @rahuls,


Thanks for sharing the macro. I am having a challenge to create a nested XML from a .xls with multiple tabs and each tab contains various column headers and different rows of data.


Would your macro apply/solve on this challenge please?


Many thanks,


6 - Meteoroid

there are several steps in the formula where one needs to update the field length for value and/or tag.  works well.


however I too need to be able to apply a nested xml output to send to Workday.  I can do the first two lines, the last /root and the individual fields, but I need to delineate each employee record with an employee tag.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<root xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

6 - Meteoroid

Update on my post.  I was able to figure it out and it does not look pretty.  It would be very helpful if Alteryx could incorporate more XML functionality in their toolsets.

6 - Meteoroid

XML output using a XSD would be really beneficial 

6 - Meteoroid

Agreed. XML output using a XSD is lacking in the market.