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Output Tool to Input Tool via Right-Click Menu Option

Dear Alteryx Community,

I've tried my best to make sure this suggestion wasn't posted before so hoping I haven't missed a feature already present in Alteryx or re-posting an idea already submitted.


In any case, there is one operation I do so much that I wonder if it could be made easier.  I would consider myself a very basic Alteryx users so many of my workflows usually end in either Excel files, CSV, or Alteryx Database files. In any case, here is what I would love (if possible)


In my workflow, I wish I could Right-click on my Output Tool using a file-based output such as Excel, .csv, .yxdb and have a R-Click menu option which said "Start Workflow".  This would open a new Workflow with one input tool already present with a the path being the same as what was in the Output tool that I right-clicked on.


So many times I create an output and then need to use that output.  This usually means I have to copy/paste the path, create an Input Tool and paste that path in.  Would be so many easier if a few of these steps could be done automatically.


Otherwise, if the community knows a simpler/better way...I'm would love to know.


Thanks in advance


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Yes you are quite right.  I'm not sure how I missed that one.  Indeed that idea is mostly what I am wanting and it seems like we'll see an implementation of it soon.  That is great.  Thank you for letting me know.


I'm not how to close this thread/topic.


Again, my thanks.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

As you've probably seen from the other post @AmarKap this has already been implemented - Fantastic idea!


@KylieF ✔️

Status changed to: Implemented

Good stuff! This idea was implemented in 2019.3, thank you for your feedback and being a part of the Alteryx Community!