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Onedrive Input/Output support xlsx files

Please add xlsx files within the onedrive input/output tool

5 - Atom
Agree this functionality would be really useful
5 - Atom
Case #00294839
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Can we expand this to all the connectors? I think any connector tool should be able to use an Excel file.

7 - Meteor

I totally agree, the currently available file types aren't enough - I need an XLSX option!

7 - Meteor

I need this functionality! OneDrive is replacing Gdocs at my company and csv files are not going to cut it.

5 - Atom

Please work on this ASAP.  Our Company is moving away from Google Docs as well and we really need this ability.

5 - Atom

This would be huge for us!

7 - Meteor

We can really use this functionality! 

Please work this one soon.

6 - Meteoroid

We really this done - our Company is moving away from Google Docs and we need this ability to use XLSX files with the input/output tool. Help us Alteryx!

5 - Atom

We are moving to OneDrive from Google, and standard weekly workflows to collaborate w/ various stakeholders are breaking. Please help!