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Oauth 2.0 salesforce authentication

Leverage Oauth 2.0 security protocol for the Alteryx connector
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
We will definitely look into this for a future release.  With 9.0 we are using our download tool and JSON Parse tool for a Google Anlaytics Macro that uses Oauth 2.0.  We may be able to leverage the same tool set to create a new/modified salesforce connector. 
That would be awesome! How often to releases come out? The Oauth 2.0 issue is currently holding up our 'direct access' to salesforce project, so please let me know any updates as you work through things.

Thank you!
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Adrian,

While we do not yet have a built in connector that uses the OAUTH 2.0 interface for salesforce, using the download tool you can take advantage of the username password flow for the REST API.

We have been able to do this internally and can help you through the process if needed.

Is the OAUTH 2.0 Interface for Salesforce available yet?  Thanks.