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OSM.PDF OpenstreetMap Offline Maps

May I suggest you add the capability to use maps from the OpenStreetMap project offline.


Many thanks

Alteryx Partner

+1 and please let us add some alternative maps indeed...

So that we can include some local maps as well as some indoor maps...










Alteryx Partner

Sorry for necroposting but the ability to geocode from OSM files would be extremely welcome.

Nominatim and similar services are cumbersome to use on large lists, this would offset the issue.

Alteryx Partner

This ability is becoming increasingly important....

Nowadays half of the analysis in Retail is #in-store analytics

How the footfall is distributed on the retail floor...

Alteryx Partner
Not to mention all geographical data used in predictive maintenance. Having a geo-coder of some sorts would be extremely welcome. That said, I'm working on OSM files to see if I can cook up something in a workflow.