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Nested Radio Buttons

When running an app on your desktop, nested radio buttons work wonderfully.  You can collapse groups and drill down to your heart's content.  If you promote the app to the gallery, it doesn't work.  I reported this as a bug to Client Services.  Their response leads me to believe that they designed it this way.  I'd like nested buttons to work both as a local app and as a gallery app.


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Dear Mark,  


This email has been sent to confirm that your technical support ticket has been closed. Please contact us if you need any further assistance.


Case #: 00095540

Case Subject: Radio buttons- different functionality between Gallery and local version



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when using radio button to activate a sub set of questions that also use radio buttons then entire group has to be unselected then reselected to make additional change either activate/deactivate selectoins.


link to recorded webex that demonstrates issue:


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Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hey Mark,


Thank you for the feedback! We've taken this and have put a fix in place that is scheduled to go out with our next release, coming soon! Be on the look out for this, along with some other great features!

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks Kory!

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Just browsing through the community.

Is this complete/integrated at this point? Last update is from a year ago saying "next release" and I believe we are two releases further than that, but it still says "Coming Soon".  I'll admit I haven't tested in 11.0

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This appears to have not been implemented. Kory no longer works here so I can't ask him about it. Moving this back to New Idea.