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Need a Social Media Toolbox In Alteryx

There are some minor tools like Twitter Search ( and Grazitti's Facebook Page crawler...


But we need tools for accessing and blending more of the existing semi-structure social data,


  • no YouTube connector to search between videos and track impressions yet...
  • no LinkedIn connector to crawl public and full profiles (with permission) to do HR analytics yet...
  • no Instagram connector yet, to crawl marketing data and do trends and competition search
  • no Flickr connector to grab pictures to do Image search and recognition...


Top social media sites Updated February 1, 2017;

1 | Facebook 1,100,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
2 | YouTube 1,000,000,000

3 | Twitter 310,000,000

4 | LinkedIn 255,000,000
5 | Pinterest 250,000,000

6 | Google Plus+  120,000,000

7 | Tumblr 110,000,000

8 | Instagram100,000,000
9 | Reddit 85,000,000

10 | VK 80,000,000

11 | Flickr 65,000,000

12 | Vine 42,000,000
13 | Meetup 40,000,000

14 | 37,000,000

15 | ClassMates 15,000,000

13 - Pulsar

this effort is amazing but how someone new to Alteryx will immediately be able to engage in social media analytics seamlessly?

10 - Fireball

Good question. Join this webinar to know more on social data analytics.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Though we want to provide useful connectors, we don't plan on providing all social media connectors at once. Please post a single idea per requested connector so that we can gauge demand and prioritize appropriately!

13 - Pulsar

got it! here is one;


Instagram connector for Alteryx