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Multiple attachments to a single email

I believe that in addition to the already suggested idea of having an option to avoid sending one email per record, the attachments capability should be overhauled. Sending multiple attachments in a single email is a common need, but the only Community idea is a partial address of the issue by requesting an ability to use semi-colon separated paths in a single field as the attachment criterion. This doesn't seem to be an optimal method given the potential usefulness of the tool and ease of use considerations. 


I think that a full solution should include:

  • The capability to select a (file paths) field of all desired attachments which can then be uploaded into a single email
  • The ability to use wildcards or directories in the file input mode (as you find in the Input Tool) in order to upload multiple attachments to a single email)

This would be a transformative solution to a common email need, and I think greatly appreciated!

1 Comment
6 - Meteoroid

I notice the community idea  has been closed because it didn't reach ten likes.


I can't find any other threads on this?, but I think being able to specify (delimited, wildcarded and/or path-driven) mulitple attachments into a single email is a highly desirable feature.