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Multiple Data Fields in Cross Tab

It would be great if you could select multiple Data Fields in a single Crosstab

For example. I would like to SUM (Methodology) Pet Food Sales (Data Field 1) & Baby Food Sales (Data Field 2) By Store (Grouping Field) By Day of Week (Header field).

7 - Meteor

Oh no, it seems that we don't have any update on that!


I have something like 12 colums to cross tab.....God help me!

8 - Asteroid

Hi @KylieF  - any update on this request yet please? It would be great for it to be put on the roadmap.


I note there are numerous variations to this query posted by other people on this forum. As mentioned before, this would be considered as a pretty basic data transformation feature.


Side note: this has been a feature of Excel (Pivot Tables) for TWENTY SEVEN years!!


Just sayin'... 🙂


Hi @CDunhill,


Thank you for your patience. I'm unable to provide a update at this time beyond that this idea will be reviewed again soon to see if we can include it on the near future roadmap. I'll be sure to update this idea's status once we have a better understanding on the requirements for including this feature in the roadmap.

9 - Comet

I need this too. Thanks