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Multi-Row & Multi-Field Formula Enhancements

When using the formula tool -- one of the nice features is that when you start typing in a function or variable -- the tool will show formulas/variables that begin with that letter and keep changing as you type in more letters. I believe this is called predictive typing.



However, this does not happen in tools like multi-row or multi-field where a user would have to search for functions and variables if they weren't sure what they are.


Not good.jpg


Can predictive typing be added to the multi-row and multi-field tools? If I want to take it further, any tool that allows a user to use the formula functionality should be able to see predictive typing. 



Seth Moskowitz



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

I am so glad that you like the autocomplete suggestions or predictive typing as much as I do! I have adding the new expression editor to Multi Row Formula and Multi Field Formula on our roadmap for the next year. Do you use any other tools with expression editors that you'd also like to see converted? 


Also, how do you use the autocomplete suggestions? Are you using them to remember functions or column names? Or to type expressions faster? I've gotten lots of great feedback about the feature, but people seem to like it for different reasons. I'd love to hear your feedback. 

12 - Quasar



Thank you for reaching out and I am so happy that this is on the roadmap! I guess no credit for the idea...:(


I like the autocomplete because it simply a more efficient way to write formulas. Another place I use this is in the Action tool. See below and would like the autocomplete to be here as well. 



I probably don't know all the place where formulas are but would like it to work consistently any place I can work with formulas. It works nice in the formula and filter tool, but the tools I mentioned work differently.


Let me know if you wish to discuss.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for the additional feedback. We will eventually be replacing the expression editor in all tools, but we will be doing it one tool at a time. I'm super excited to ship the tools as we convert them. 



Credit? I'll give you extra credit! 😃 Thanks so much for submitting an idea to Community. 


Image result for credit gif

12 - Quasar

Haha! Thanks for the chuckle Rachel! Have a wonderful rest of your day! 🙂



14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

I really like the auto-suggest/complete feature in the Formula-Tool, it feels like coding in an programming enviroment, but it's sadly not everywhere.


I would love to see the auto-suggest/complete feature in every Tool that has the option to enter formulas.



- multi-row formula

- multi-field formula

- generate rows





1) Formula Tool



2) Multi-Field Formula


8 - Asteroid

Dear Alteryx Team,


what is the status on this? I teach Alteryx trainings and I get asked in every training why the now more than 3 years old formula editor is not available throughout the product. It was written in 2018 that it were on the roadmap for the next year.


7 - Meteor

It is a great idea and it will be consistent with the formula tool 🙂

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



We apologize for the delay on this feature. We have been looking into do this, and enhancing these tools with a better expression editor experience is still planned. However, it is taking longer than expected due to shifts in priority and necessary research. But, these tools will have a consistent experience with the Formula tool.