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Multi-Field Formula Field Selection

The field selection pane in Multi-Field Formula is very small and not resizeable. It is difficult to select anything other than all variables when only 4 1/2 fields are displayed at a time. Making this pane resizeable would be very useful.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks @jpoz.  Yeah, the resizing wasn't an issue until the formula tool got updated.


@collin_pace I will escalate your request internally to see if we can get it fixed. You should be able to resize the Formula tool column more than you currently can.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for suggesting this! In the 2019.4 release (https://downloads.alteryx.com), you can drag the splitter below the 'Change Output Type to' label in order to resize the upper portion of the Multi-Field Formula tool. We may make additional UI improvements in the future.