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Multi-Field Formula Field Selection

The field selection pane in Multi-Field Formula is very small and not resizeable. It is difficult to select anything other than all variables when only 4 1/2 fields are displayed at a time. Making this pane resizeable would be very useful.

Alteryx Partner
Totally agree I find this to be a real pain. Especially when there are a lot of fields and only a few are part of the calculation. 
Alteryx Partner

It would also be helpful to highlight multiple rows to make a selection like you can on many other tools rather than having to select each one if you were not selecting all


Please allow the user to resize the window that selects variables in the Mult-Field Formula tool.  It's a pain dealing with a lot of variables and needing to select multiple variables in this window.  Either make the variable box larger or allow its size to be adjusted.



I would also like to add an ability to adjust the size of the formula tool Output Column width.  Very long field names get truncated and you don't have the ability to resize the output column to see the full variable name.  It's frustrating, b/c it seems like you have the ability to adjust the column width, but it wont allow to go past a certain point See my pic example.






Multi-Field Window.png
Formula Output Column width.png


Yes! This is hugely frustrating, I hope they fix it asap. Need to make it draggable to increase the window for the field list.


Multi-Field Formula.PNG




Client services told me these two issues are not a priority fix for them.  Which is pretty disappointing.

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Status changed to: Accepted

We plan to make some improvements to Multi-Field Formula next year. We will resolve these issues at that time. 


Nice!  Thanks.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

The ability to resize the field selection pane will be available in an upcoming release. Thank you for the suggestion!


Hey JPoz,


Does this also include the Formula tool field name resizing issue?

Reference: my post 1/8/2018 above shows both issues.




@collin_pace Sorry, it doesn't include the Formula Tool resizing request. I think that should be posted in a separate idea