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Multi Field Filter

A way to filter multiple fields by the same variable.


For Example. If I have multiple columns that have Names, email addresses, etc. I want to filter all fields so that each field Does Not Contain = "Test"


If this already exist, my apologies. Just point me in the right direction Smiley Wink


Hey @shaunbeckett

You can do this in two tools relatively quickly:


a) set up a formula that returns a new column with a 1 if the value exists in one of the fields, and a zero if not

b) simple filter on this field


You can do this in a single tool by doing a custom filter


Or you could do this generically by transposing the data and then doing this as a simple filter.


On this particular case - it may be worth posting your particular use-case onto the discussion thread under "Data PRep and Blending" and then the community will very quickly get you a solution.  

Here's a guide that may help you get the fastest possible answer:



Thanks Sean! Sorry I should have prefaced it with "I have the solution already, but... it would be nice to have" kind of thing. The idea would be to enter the specific string/strings you would like to filter on and then select the fields you would like to apply this filter to. Again, I just thought it would be nice to have.


Thanks for the feedback!