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More DB connections based on current rankings?

Below is a list of DBMS rankings as of August 2016

(for an updated and longer list see: http://db-engines.com/en/ranking)

I personally look for; HBase, Splunk, MariaDB, Couchbase, Amazon Dynamo, CouchDB connections...


Rank  DBMSDatabase ModelAlteryx
1.11OracleRelational DBMSYes
2.22MySQL Relational DBMSYes
3.33Microsoft SQL ServerRelational DBMSYes
4.44MongoDB Document storeYes
5.55PostgreSQLRelational DBMSYes
6.66DB2Relational DBMSYes
7.78Cassandra Wide column storeYes
8.87Microsoft AccessRelational DBMSYes
9.99SQLiteRelational DBMSYes
10.1010Redis Key-value storeNo
11.1114Elasticsearch Search engineNo
12.1213TeradataRelational DBMSYes
13.1311SAP Adaptive ServerRelational DBMSYes
14.1412SolrSearch engineNo
15.1515HBaseWide column storeNo
16.1617FileMakerRelational DBMSNo
17.1818SplunkSearch engineNo
18.1716HiveRelational DBMSYes
19.1919SAP HANA Relational DBMSYes
20.2025MariaDBRelational DBMSNo
21.2122Neo4j Graph DBMSNo
22.2220InformixRelational DBMSNo
23.2321MemcachedKey-value storeNo
24.2424Couchbase Document storeNo
25.2528Amazon DynamoDB Document storeNo
26.2623CouchDBDocument storeNo
27.2730VerticaRelational DBMSYes
28.2829Microsoft Azure SQL DatabaseRelational DBMSYes
29.2927NetezzaRelational DBMSYes
30.3026FirebirdRelational DBMSNo
31.3131Riak KV Key-value storeNo
32.3340Amazon Redshift Relational DBMSYes
33.3232MarkLogicMulti-model No
34.3434dBASERelational DBMSYes
35.3535GreenplumRelational DBMSYes
36.3633IngresRelational DBMSNo
37.3739ImpalaRelational DBMSYes
38.3836SphinxSearch engineNo
39.3943HazelcastKey-value storeNo
40.4038EhcacheKey-value storeNo
41.4151Google BigQuery Relational DBMSYes
42.4350OrientDBMulti-model No
43.4241InterbaseRelational DBMSNo
44.4545Spark SQLRelational DBMSNo
45.4455TitanGraph DBMSNo
46.4668RethinkDBDocument storeNo
47.5081InfluxDBTime Series DBMSNo
48.4769AerospikeKey-value storeNo
49.4947CloudantDocument storeNo
5 - Atom

Thanks for the list, Altan.

I'm a little confused here.
In what way is Splunk a partner of Alteryx if there is no DB connection between these two great products?

13 - Pulsar

I noted Alteryx - Splunk relation as a No, though there is a partnership, look here; http://www.alteryx.com/partners/splunk-inc

I'm wondering about the same question...



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Gents, We have seen some customers leverage the ODBC connector for Splunk to r/w data. We don't have a named connector at this point. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Do we have a native connector for Elasticsearch?  I just came across that today with a prospect.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@dclarkgill I asked one of the folks internally who uses Alteryx and Elastic - reading is easy via the download tool. They use curl via run command to bulk write to elasticsearch - but you can use the download tool to write one at a time as well.



13 - Pulsar


 This is the more up to date state of play;


#Elasticsearch, #MariaDB and #DynamoDB are catching up fast...






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