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Modified 'Block Until Done'

It would be nice to improve upon the 'Block Until Done' tool.


Additional Features I could see for this tool:

1: Allow Any tool (even output) to be linked as an incoming connection to a 'Block Until Done' tool.  

2: Allow Multiple Tools to be linked to a 'Block Until Done' tool. (similar to the 'Union' tool)


The functionality I see for this is to enable Alteryx set the Order of Operation for workflows and Allowing people to automate processes in the same way that people used to do them. I understand there's a work around using Crew Macros (Runner/Conditional Runner) that can essentially accomplish this;  howerver (and I may be wrong).  But it feels like a work around, instead of the tool working the way one would expect; and I'm loosing the ability to track/log/troubleshoot my workflow as it progresses (or if it has an issue)


Happy to hear if something like that exists.  Just looking for ways to ensure order of operation is followed for a particular workflow I am managing. 



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This illustrates my problem pretty easily and I think adds on to original poster's issue / solution.


The Block Until Done tool should have an equal amount of input/outputs, with the tool dynamically adding a 4th, 5th, 6th, etc connections for order of operations. 


The tool currently is map to assume that you would only want to use the Inner Join result of a flow, but with joins happening downstream on specific sets of data they are also used as a test and provide relevant results.


For example, the data that is passing into my join is already a specific subset of customers:


Left Join =  Customer transactions who had sales but didn't use a program

Inner Join =  Customer transactions who had sales and reported a program

Right Join = Programs that are not being used.



This is all very actionable data, now my next step is to put this in one file, but under 3 tabs, for "Customers with Programs" and send it out for review. 


This tool could also add the ability to "shut down" flows temporarily much like we do with containers, but without added clutter.


Picture below for clarity.