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Metadata Management

Alteryx should really get into the business of having a metadata management tool integrated into the UI.


We recently started training new users with Alteryx, making it more widespread than the few (less than 10) that already had it.  The good and bad of Alteryx is that it really allows us the power to do work we've never done before.  That also means that we've not had to worry too much about resource contention before either.  But with great power comes great responsibility and now we do need to think find a way to manage this power.

There are some good new ideas out there that use the concept of cloud-sourced data governance (specifically, I just checked out Alation).  But why should we have to go to two separate platforms then to examine our data? 

I already know that if I have to spend more time switching back and forth between two platforms to get the same job done with greater care will result in many people taking shortcuts.  Why couldn't this or something like it be integrated into Alteryx?