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Mask for numeric fields in Results window for thousands separator

Hello all,


When looking at the Results window, I often find it a headache to read the numeric results because of the lack of commas. I understand that incorporating commas into the data itself could make for some weird errors; however, would it be possible to toggle an option that displays all numeric fields with proper commas and right-aligned in the Results window? I am referring to using a display mask to make numeric fields look like they have the thousands separator while retaining numeric functionality (as opposed to converting the fields to strings). 


What do you think?

Alteryx Display Mask example.JPG





Would be very helpful, and could easily be made into a user setting

Great point. I often have to copy the data out into Excel and format it in order to make any sense of the numbers.

Definitely +1 for this one. Also, format data as Currency like in excel. Even the render tool falls short lacking a thousand separator option...



🙂 would have to be pulled from the Regional Settings because different regions do this in different ways.


For example - here in India, numbers are broken up into Crore (10 Million); Lakh (100 k) and Thousand


So - instead of 120.5 M being written as 120,500,000.00 - In India this would be written as 12,05,00,000.00 (12 Crore; 5 Lakh).


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Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the idea. We're working on designs for a new Results grid, so I'll pass this on to our UX design team. 

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Thank you, Rachel! That's great to hear.

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 This would be a very useful feature.




Please someone succeed to find a solution !!!!


Thank you.


That would be very useful.


I know people at my firm would love a regional display mask like this. It's one of the number one complaints I hear from people looking over my shoulder as we quickly analyze data. Since I don't care to lose numeric functionality the solution is almost always to render a temporary output to Excel as long as we are looking at summary data. If we looking at detail we typically lose that option due to record count.