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Map Input Thematics

I want the ability to select a field from my reference YXDB file in the Map Input tool to color-code the features based on their value. For example, I have a file of store locations, with each record containing last quarter's sales figures. I want to use that file as my reference in the Map Input, and have the points for each stores sized bigger-to-smaller based on their sales. Or another example would be color-coding sales territories/polygons.
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I'm the new product manager focused on Alteryx geo-spatial data and capabilities.


This functionality is already part of the core reporting tools already available.  This is not suited for map input tool as the map input tool is for creating point/line/poly features for down stream analysis.  Use of layers (yxdb) are already supported as an input option and labeling already supported.  We are not looking to add additional feature of map contextualization.   We will keep tracking the feedback on this area.