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Make the Flexnet license portal useful

The  license management site needs major work.


On the View Licenses page it shows all licenses going back several years. A basic need is to show only licenses which haven't expired, but that is not an option.You cannot even sort on the expiration column while you can sort on most others columns.


The most simple need is to see a list of my current active license users - but I do't see a way to do that.


I tried an "Advanced Search" and chose  expiration date after 2019-10-29 and none of my licenses which expire in 2020 appear - I get a blank list.


Similarly on the administer machines page you cannot filter to hide expired licenses or even on the licenses column (which doesn't sort either).


The help link on the page doesn't bring you to help specific to that page but the general activation help front page. After several clicks I found this page:


But  the help is incomplete (doesn't list Machine types or the difference between Active and Inactive)


Also, there is no export capability - copy and pasting into Excel is a formatting headache as it brings in check-boxes.


Lots of room for improvement here.





P.S. I understand that work is being done on this, but an ETA would be greatly appreciated.


5 - Atom

I am also experiencing the same frustrations. I need a quick and simple way to see all activated seats and be able to customize the view with the information i need which is primarily user email, activation date and license number. Currently this is spread across various pages and requires many clicks to put the puzzle together.


Being alos able to eliminate old license numbers and the associated users linked to them would reduce the clutter. 

An additonal idea would be to allow the possibility to move seats between license numbers but i guess this is more linked to how licenses are granted to start with. In any case if there is a way to allow this it would also bring flexibility to license admins to be more efficient in managing the license usage across the organisation


I also experience really slow charging times when moving between pages and this has been the case the 50 plus times i have used the portal.




8 - Asteroid

Has anyone created a solution to pull this data out in an automated fashion? C/P is not sustainable and we're really looking to capture daily info to not only get an understanding of current license users, but also use the "Last Modified" date to understand the power users in the foot print. 

5 - Atom

In my organisation we had to create a web scrapping solution programmed in Python to do this automatically at specific intervals in time and send an email to a specific group of people. This can then be scheduled. It avoids having a person do this every day.