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Make macros easier to install

This should be quite easy to implement. I think it would be great if could we have:

1. A User repository for macros in the Users folder, e.g. My DocumentsMy Alteryx Macros

This would make it easier to install macros without needing any administrator rights

2. A right click operation on a yxmc file (or a menu operation in Alteryx) that Install the macro ie. will move any macro into the folder above.

This would make it very simple to show new users how to install any macro you send them

Both these ideas will make it easier for partners and the Alteryx user community to share macros.
9 - Comet
I agree. It would also make it easier to backup and move macros from one PC to another if collaborating with other alteryx users.
13 - Pulsar

How about a macro repository working just like itunes or appstore loading into Alteryx directy...

When you upgrade or buy a new license for your company all frequently used macros will be synced as well.


Looking forward to this...