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Make it so that renamed tools show these names in ALL output logs

Roughly, in all versions of Alteryx Designer, you can use the Annotations tab and rename a tool.  This is awesome for execution in designer, because you can then easily search for certain tool names, better document your workflow, and see the custom tool name in the Workflow Results.

However, when log files are generated, either via email, the AlteryxGallery settings, or an AlteryxEngineCMD command, each tool is recorded using only its default name of "ToolId Toolnumber", which is not particularly descriptive and makes these log files harder to parse in the case of an error.


Having the custom names show in these log files would go a long way towards improving log readability for enterprise systems, and would be an amazing feature add/fix.  For users who prefer that the default format be shown, this could be considered as a request to ADD renames in addition to the existing format.  EG "Input Data 1" that I have renamed to "Load business Excel File" could be shown in the log as:


00:00:0.003 - ToolId 1 - Load business Excel File: 1 record was read from File Finished in 00:00:0.004

12 - Quasar

This makes complete sense. Would it just require that the code generating the log read a different part of the workbook's XML?

14 - Magnetar

Obviously I don't have any insight into the logging itself, but I believe so.


Roughly, inside the XML there is an "Annotation" section which has a tool name.  This is where any tool renames end up.


It looks like all of the output logs use the Node, and the ToolID captured there.


Circled the section where I believe tool IDs come from, Highlighted the <Name> valueCircled the section where I believe tool IDs come from, Highlighted the <Name> value

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6 - Meteoroid

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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7 - Meteor

Alteryx has so many intuitive features. I am surprised renamed tool names are not appearing in logs. Alteryx please implement this feature..

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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Thank you for your feedback!


Currently our product team is reviewing the technical requirements and timeline required to potentially implement this idea as there is a concern of breaking backwards compatibility for certain existing use cases. Once they have completed the review we'll update this idea again to reflect if or when we can implement this idea.

5 - Atom

Are there any updates on this idea? 

5 - Atom

Hi there Alteryx team. Are there any plans to have this in the next update? Would love to have this for diagnosing my workflows!