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Make backup (bak) file creation optional

The bak file that is automatically created (and re-created if deleted) really clutters up our folders.

Please allow us to either turn it off, or specify a different location to hold our back up files.


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Totally annoying feature.  All I ever do is delete this things...  it's just one more task I don't need each day EVERY TIME I RUN DATA.  This should be a checkbox to disable in the settings somewhere, it's basic and a no brainer... MAKE IT HAPPEN.


Nice to have the safety net of a BAK file, but we need the option to specify a destination folder.  Current folder looks ridiculous with all the BAKs cluttering it up.  


 Please allow option of setting a directory for bak files. Too much clutter


Has there been any movement on this idea? As a user who manages multiple workflows for multiple users, I would love to specify the directory so I control the backups instead of them writing to end folders.

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If you are looking for an easy tool to clean up your files we have a file system tool that is free to use. The pack also comes with some other useful tools.


I agree with all the above; please give us the option to either turn off the creation of the bak files or choose a directory where to store them. Thanks.


Agree with the idea to allow either a way to turn these off or to specify a folder. 


The forced backup system has never helped me once in over a year using Alteryx. Worse, I've spent a lot of time manually deleting these files every time they get created. If I want a backup, I create one myself. I don't need Alteryx cluttering my folders with unwanted backup files; please make this optional.


Since this request is more than 3 years old, I thought I would jump in and just say it's still an issue at the end of 2018. Please provide an option to disable the backup files or at the very least specify a different directory for them! Alteryx does such a great job of eliminating the tedium of data management, forcing us to manage extra files like this seems contrary to the purpose... 🙂


Still seems to be an issue 3 years on from being raised ...
Wastes space, backups are frankly useless as any small change overwrites an important save-point, plus it breaks my OneDrive sync


Need to be able to turn this off and also make the backup location/file extension configurable