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Make Distance Tool Output the Drive Distance Route Polyline

I am using the Distance Tool and would like to get the polyline that represents the drive distance.  I need to output the drive polyline for multiple points and determine the percentage of overlap between routes and the number of times overlapped.
Alteryx Partner

Can't you do this with google drivetime gallery app?

I need the route outputs too. The rate limit on google app makes the app not useful at all for what I am trying to do and with the daily limit of 2,500 API queries it would take me maybe 10+ years to get all the routes that I need.


It would be great to have this functionality to better understand the output distances/drive times as well as for data visualization purposes. While there are alternatives such as the Google API and the HERE API, the value proposition of the Alteryx spatial solution is for doing this type of work completely offline.


Thank you,

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