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Make 'Disable Tools that Write Output' default when downloading workflow from the Gallery

When you download a workflow from the Alteryx Gallery to edit, the first typical step a user will take to debug is to run their workflow. This is potentially dangerous, as your user may not know what input data they are loading into what may be production data tables (as an example, when you are building apps you will typically have placeholder data in your inputs).

It would be great if the default option when editing a workflow stored on the gallery was that the 'Disable Tools that Write Output' button is checked, meaning people do not accidentally post incorrect information.



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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hey @BenMoss 


Thank you for submitting your feedback to the Alteryx Ideas product board! We appreciate all the feedback we get and are working to review and respond to all ideas that have met the criteria to be brought to our product team.